Gordon Green

Anchored in the Gordon Square Arts District, Gordon Green is another gem in the growing Detroit Shoreway neighborhood. Located at 54th and Detroit Avenue, Gordon Green encompasses a 20,000 square foot event space that blends historic and modern finishes. Weddings, Social, and Corporate gatherings shine in this spatial mixed-use venue.

Green Room

Reimagine your work space at GreenRoom. Located in Gordon Square, offering a unique coworking space, private offices and boutique events.  With over 2,700 square feet of indoor/outdoor space, GreenRoom takes “at home entertaining” to the next level! Scandinavian design meets California Coastal style in our beautifully appointed, freshly space.

K2 Rentals

Whether you are looking for freshly updated rental property, a one of a kind AirBnB, or a sleek corporate office space, K2 Rentals can fill your needs. Offering premiere rentals on Cleveland’s west side, K2 Rentals aims to set the standard for today’s modern living and working spaces.

K2 Holdings

A locally based business focused on revitalizing and restoring the greater Cleveland housing market. Every home that is renovated boasts a creative design and prioritizes resourcefulness.  In order to stay true to our company goals, a non systematic approach is taken, and each property is looked at as a unique canvas.


Revifi;  Founded by two Cleveland natives in 2010, our goal is to reimagine the user’s experience with the property that they are interacting.  We aim to provide our clientele with real estate offerings that fit the needs and wants of the communities we are invested in.  Since our inception, we have diversified our residential and commercial real estate portfolio throughout the Greater Cleveland area.  Revifi has built, renovated, and restored over one hundred properties, facilitating all aspects of the process. Whether it is selective acquisition, designing and contracting, or creatively marketing properties, Revifi’s standard of quality is never compromised.